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Snuggle Hunny Kids

Our Story

Founded in 2015, Snuggle Hunny Kids is a destination for gorgeous baby snuggle swaddles and baby wrap blankets that are created with the highest quality and love. We exist to create gift giving experiences where passion and purpose come together. We provide mamas with beautiful pieces for their kids & a perfect collection of gifts for the expecting mum & child.

Who we are

We are wife and husband duo, with a small but wonderful team behind us, creating contemporary designed baby swaddles, topknots and bows, knit blankets, linen and more. 
For some years, we’ve been making original and customised linen for our boys and friends, before being encouraged to take our designs to a larger audience – thus forming the beginnings of Snuggle Hunny Kids in 2015.

Working as a small team from our Commercial Warehouse & office space, we love to experiment with different materials to create unique pieces. From concepts, to design, to manufacture, to marketing, we run the business from the front. Our focus is on quality, individualised products and a warm, personalised service.

Snuggle Hunny Kids | The Name

Snuggle - The definition of snuggle is to settle, comfort & soothe. As a mother all i want to do is love my children & snuggle them in everyway. So we bring our snuggle products to you so you too can provide this to your babies from us.
Hunny - Part of my heritage is maltese & we say "hanini" to our children as a word of endearment which translates to my darling. So i want to share this with you as a symbol of all our babies, whatever you may call them. In the dictionary hunny is also a word of endearment for a boy or girl. Therefore we are the Snuggle Hunny Kids.
So together we connect our love for our children & what we want to give them plus a term of endearment to call our hunnys. 
We are a community of #snugglehunnykids & mothers who support one another and share this part of life together.

What we do

Snuggle Hunny Kids specialises in unique and bespoke swaddles and linen, created with aesthetic and stylish design using quality materials. We are the home to the Snuggle Swaddle which is a stylish no zip sleep bag for babies to settle and sleep in. Not only do we offer a functional swaddle, what separates us is our unique and beautiful designs that are exclusive to our store.

Our ever-changing and growing collection includes our signature snuggle swaddles with matching beanie/topknots, baby jersey wrap blankets, diamond knit blankets, topknots and bows.

In addition, we are grateful for the opportunity to regularly collaborate with a number of talented Australian artists and makers, all in further efforts to continue celebrating and supporting local, small business.

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